Casino News: Get ready for the International Stadium Poker Tour

In general and actually in most of the cases, when we heard about a new poker tournament planned, we know in gene that the event will take place in a casino. That is one of the reasons why that most of the time when it comes to poker, casinos play an important role. Indeed a lot of players for example qualify themselves to poker tournament via online casino rooms, so we can say that casinos play an important role as during the qualifications than during the proper event. Anyway, all of the casino games lovers have to know that from May 10 to 12, next in 2012, during the big poker tournament called the International Stadium Poker Tour, casino lovers and poker players will have good reasons to rejoice because they will have the opportunity to participate in a poker event with a very high and exceptional prize pool of 30 million dollars. For the moment, apart from the fact that the competition will take place in a large and famous casino, we do not have as much as information about the competition now.




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